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At the deli, owner Phil Jahnke Sauer showcases his skill for creating scratch-made offerings and passion for sourcing high-quality local foods. As a firm believer in the 'democratization of the farm-to-table movement,' Phil strives to keep menu items simple, affordable and delicious.


With a strong network of northeast Iowa farmers, Phil helps source the majority of deli ingredients from local and regional makers and producers.


His deli and baking 'chops' were honed from some of the best, after working in a variety of natural/organic retailers and artisanal shops. He's also an avid reader ... ask him about almost any food or sustainable ag-related topic and he'll likely have an opinion on the matter.

Originally from southeast Minnesota, Phil and co-owner Amanda met in La Crosse, Wisconsin. From there, they bounced around NYC and Northern California, before settling back in the Midwest. Their love of food and sustainable farming practices grew with each new taste and perspective encountered along the way.


After eight years in/around Madison, Wisconsin, the Jahnke Sauers moved to Iowa in late 2015. They live on a small 'hobby' farm outside Lourdes, about 35 miles west of Decorah, with a menagerie of furry and feathery friends.

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